Mobile Suppression


Quantum Fire Technology is a leader in the installation, maintenance & rectification of fire suppression systems on mobile plant.

Offering a variety of fire suppression system options to ensure all clients receive correct advice for effectiveness, serviceability and ensuring a low total cost of ownership.


Public Transport & Freight Industries.

Quantum Fire Technology and our partners have extensive experience with the installation & maintenance of fire suppression systems on buses internationally.

Fire protection on buses internationally has become mandatory in most countries due to extensive fires and public risk. Buses have higher operating temperatures & compact engine areas causing a higher potential for fires.

The Firetec and Firepro systems are two very different systems that are extremely effective in extinguishing fires on Diesel, Gas and Electric buses. Protecting your passengers. Saving lives!

Ports & Marine

Quantum Fire Technology is uniquely placed and experienced in servicing both the marine industry and the large variety of fire equipment in place on each port.

Mobile Harbour cranes, Vessels, fixed assets and ancillary equipment all feature fire equipment that is required to be installed and maintained to various standards and international approvals. Quantum is focused on ensuring your fire equipment meets or exceeds these requirements.




Forestry machines operate long hours with high engine temperatures, combined with a build up of debris . The risk of fire is high, combine those risks with the environment in which they work, a functional, effective fire suppression system is the smart choice.